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Bespoke Envelope Makers

You know what they say about first impressions. A longed-for letter…a product launch... an irresistible offer…great expectations…only bespoke envelopes rise to the occasion and establish your credentials even before their contents are revealed.

Are you missing out on orders from your customers for high quality short run bespoke envelopes because you have nowhere to have them made?

Baddeley Brothers can help, we are a specialist bespoke envelope maker using blank-fed Winkler & Dunnebier machines and can make and print a wide range of bespoke envelopes in all weights, shapes, sizes, styles and materials - to our customers' precise requirements.

In this competitive world, a bespoke envelope that’s redolent of quality and attention to detail singles it out from the rest. It might be the first – or only – envelope opened.


At Baddeley Brothers we pride ourselves on the fact we manufacture bespoke envelopes to the highest quality. Combined with our envelope printing facility we can give you almost any finish you want.


We work to:

  • Any size, material and quantity
  • Any Colour
  • Different closures
  • Custom window designs
  • Creative print techniques

Our bespoke envelope making services include:

  • Machine made envelopes
  • Hand made envelopes
  • Tissue lined envelopes
  • Paper lined envelopes
  • Full lined tissue envelopes
  • Half tissue lined envelopes

All your bespoke envelope needs manufactured in the UK, in any shape or size from one supplier offering flexible quantities, free samples and short delivery times plus various in-house printing options and a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Baddeley Brothers make exceptional bespoke envelopes.

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